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Rick In Opposition?

December 20, 2011

I should have done something with this blog long ago. To compound the regret, I actually started the same blog on blogspot in March ’10 (, and didn’t do anything with it there either. Whoops. In hindsight, I could have developed a really interesting blog if I had began systematically posting weekly compilations of interesting links/ideas/media I’ve encountered. Oh well. I’ll start doing that soon, instead. And supplement it with links/ideas/media that I encountered in the past few years too, that I find interesting and want to talk about.

Here is a profile.

Born: ’86

Lives: Sheffield

Music: Avant-garde, experimental, jazz, fusion, classical, opera, progressive, extreme metal (black/death), folk, punk, noise, drone, doom, EBM, IDM, ambient, psychedelic, industrial, post-rock, hip-hop, art-pop, etc. See:

9 absolute favourites would include: The Legendary Pink Dots, Swans, Kayo Dot, Lady Gaga, Morton Feldman, Diamanda Galas, Van Der Graaf Generator, Frank Zappa, Current 93

Film: Almodóvar, Ghibli, Buñuel, Bergman, von Trier, Lynch, Gilliam, Kieslowski, Herzog, Hitchcock, Jarman, Charlie Kaufman, Svankmajer, and Tarkovsky

Words: In terms of fiction I like intellectually stimulating things with creative uses of language. I also like various dense chunks of philosophy and psychology. Poetry’s awesome. So is history and art. Social/political/art/linguistic/postmodern theory is ace, and semiotics and all that jazz is fun. I’m also writing a convoluted bildungsroman prose-poem novel of my own, and no, I’m not showing you the drafts.

Random: Art, (not a smug Dawkins-worshipping) Atheist, Badminton, Bass guitar, Board games, Camping, Charity shops, Coffee, Comedy, Cycling, Dada, Environment, Experience, Films, Gigs, Hiking, Hippy, History, Internets, Knowledge, Left-wing politics (anarchy, sorta-mostly. No kyriarchy plz), Literature, Long hair, MSc, Music, Nature, Peak District, Philosophy, Psychedelic, Psychology, Psychogeography, Radio 3, Reading, Real-ale, Sarcasm, Situationism, Surrealism, Swimming, Tea, Whisky, Words, Writing


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